Welcome to our blog about Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP), their providers, and what they do and offer. In this blog, you can find interesting articles on everything you need to know about the RESP. For those who may not understand what a RESP is, it is a savings plan that helps parents and guardians to save for their children’s post-secondary education. It is offered through financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. Below is a snapshot of our articles.

An Overview of Our Content

In this blog, you can find interesting articles on what a RESP is and how it works. They have information on some of the exciting things you need to know about a RESP, such as its tax-free savings and investment options. Also, you will find articles on the types of RESP, which include family and group plans and the benefits enjoyed by those who have opened a RESP for their children.

For those who might find it challenging to save, some articles guide them on how to choose a RESP provider and how to balance income to be able to save for their children’s education. The reports also give tips on how to save money during holidays to contribute to your child’s RESP.

If you want to work for a RESP provider, some articles guide you on the skills that you need to have. Notably, it is essential to have financial knowledge.

Opening a RESP is a great way to save for your children’s education. Continue reading our articles to learn more.